• Inaugural Issue Update


    The Journal of Philosophy of Emotion is currently in working on its inaugural issue. We expec it to be released during the summer of 2019. We will keep everyone updated on any additional delays. Please contact the editor-in-chief, Cecilea Mun (cecileamun@icloud.com), with any questions or concerns.

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  • 2019 Winter Issue CFP


    The Journal of Philosophy of Emotion is now accepting submissions for its Winter 2019 issue, which will be published in December 2019. It will consider any manuscript that engages research in the area of philosophy of emotion, and meets the JPE's submission guidelines. The JPE, however, is especially interested in manuscripts on political emotions and embodied or enactive theories of emotion. Manuscripts addressing the following questions are some examples of the kinds of topics that the JPE would be interested in publishing for its second issue: 

    • What are the various ways in which emotions can be understood as being "political"?
    • What are the significant differences between political and non-political emotions?
    • How does a particular kind of emotion function so as to be a "political" emotion?
    • Are emotions beneficial or detrimental, or necessary or unnecessary, for a well- functioning political system?
    • What kind of role do emotion feeling rules play in the phenomena of political emotions?
    • Does language play a role in the metaphysics of political emotions, and if so, how?
    • How do emotions and biases interact so as to have political effects, and can or ought anything be done about such interactions and such effects?
    • How are political emotions related to concerns about ethics? 
    • And mutatis mutandis for embodied or enactive theories of emotion. 

    The JPE will also consider book reviews and symposiums that informs its audience about any book that would be beneficial for them to read. Furthermore, the JPE does not solicit book reviews from any individual. The JPE, however, is willing to work with authors who are interested in having a book review or symposium on their forthcoming book published in the JPE. Please contact the editor-in-chief for more details. The JPE also recommends that such authors become a member of the SPE in order to work with its community to find book reviewers or organize a book symposium. 

    The JPE encourages anyone who is interested in submitting a paper to make sure they review our revised open access publishing policies and author guidelines, which includes an annual community profit sharing plan to financially sustain the JPE and a restriction against solo submissions by graduate students.

    All manuscripts received by September 1, 2019 will be considered for the JPE’s Winter 2019 issue.


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