• IT Administrator Opening


    The Journal of Philosophy of Emotion is looking for an IT Administrator with the following minimum qualifications:

    1. Basic knowledge of C-Panel and HTML/CSS;
    2. Basic knowledge of hosting and server maintenance;
    3. Experience with GoDaddy; and
    4. Knowledge about MySQL databases would be a plus.

    The IT Administrator is responsible for maintaining the general operations of the JPE’s Open Journal System platform. Please contact the Cecilea Mun, editor-in-chief, at cecileamun@icloud.com, if you are interested in being the JPE's IT Administrator.

    Please also note that all positions at the JPE are voluntary positions. No JPE team member is given any kind of monetary compensation for their work. The JPE provides our volunteers with the experience of working with a community of scholars dedicated to the pursuit of the JPE's mission and values.

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  • Journal of Philosophy of Emotion: Second and Subsequent Issues


    The Journal of Philosophy of Emotion (JPE) is accepting new article and book review manuscripts, and manuscripts or proposals for a symposium/special section/issue for its second and subsequent issues. Furthermore, if you are interested in submitting a manuscript for publication, proposal, guest editing, volunteering as a referee, or registering as a reader in order to receive updates when new issues are released, please see the information provided below. Submissions can be made through the following submissions link, on the JPE webiste, and please contact Cecilea Mun, editor-in-chief, at cecileamun@icloud.com to discuss a proposal for a symposium/special section/issue or guest editing an issue. 

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