Associated Copy Editors

If you are in need of copy editing services, you are welcome to the contact any of the following copy editors that are currently associated with the Journal of Philosophy of Emotion (JPE). These copy editors are independent contractors who work directly with authors. They are not employees of the JPE and do not serve as referees for the JPE. The JPE receive $10 from the copy editor for every article it publishes that has been copy edited by one of the listed copy editors. Please also note that having a manuscript copy edited by one of our associated copy editors does not play any role in any of the JPE's decisions on a manuscript, and the money that the JPE receives also goes towards defraying the JPE's operating costsAlso, please contact the editor-in-chief if you would like to be listed as an associated copy editor with the JPE.

John Horden, Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Barcelona
Specialization: Copy editing works by authors who write in English as a second language, and Spanish to English translations.

Email: hordenjohn[at]gmail[dot]com

Simon Mussell, DPhil in Social and Political Thought, University of Sussex
Specialization: Language editing (for authors writing in English as a second language) and has published on German critical theory, affect, and feeling.

Email: simon[dot]mussell[at]gmail[dot]com